We use 100% soy wax for our 9oz tumbler jar candles, and a vegan coconut and soy wax blend for our luxury candles.

Pthalates are a group of chemicals used in fragrance oils to help extend the scent throw. They have been known to have a hazardous effect on human health with problems including disruption of your hormones, asthma and to a lesser extent, cancer.

The great news is: absolutely NONE of Ky's Kandles contains pthalates! Go the safe route by keeping your lungs and the environment free of toxins and light your Ky's Kandle!

We use 100% cotton wicks, free of lead and zinc, and Eco-Friendly, crackling wooden wicks sourced from Sappy Fruit Trees.

  • Trim, trim, trim your wicks to 1/8"-3/8" inch or majority of the charred part in between each burn to ensure a slow, even, and consistent burn.
  • Keep the melted wax pool free of debris and wick trimmings.
  • Do not burn your candle for over 4+ hours at a time.
  • Ky's Kandles highly recommends purchasing a wick trimmer which will make wick trimming a breeze!
  • Keep your candles out of drafts, and away from flammable objects
  • Burn your candle on a heat resistant surface, or on top of a coaster.

Extinguish your candle when there is 1/2inch of wax left. Candles should not be burned when there is little to no wax left.

Did you know that candles have a memory? For the first burn, burn the candle approximately 2 hours or until your candle has achieved a full melt pool (the top is melted evenly across the surface of the candle).

This helps to prevent tunneling which is your candle from burning straight down the center.

ALL of the scents and ingredients that are used are from reputable, quality suppliers and are free of pthalates, and toxins that we cannot pronounce! If your fur baby has any respiratory conditions such as asthma, it is recommended to not burn any candles around them, regardless of the safe ingredients.

Also, make sure that your furry friend does not consume the product!


Ky strives to keep a consistent, turn around processing time of 1-3 business days and USPS shipping time of 1-4 business days.

If you are located outside of the triangle area in NC, you can ship your vessels back to us following the instructions on the Refill Page.

Please give USPS 3 business days before reporting your package missing, especially around the holidays.

If your order was damaged during the transit, please send an email to with your order number, details, and attached photos. Ky’s Kandles will cover the shipping

Tips: Please double check the shipping address before finalizing the order.